Misją strony RonPaul.pl jest przybliżenie polskiemu odbiorcy sylwetki kongresmena zza oceanu oraz wartości, na których straży stoi niezłomnie od kilkudziesięcioleci. Nie zapala się bowiem "światła i nie stawia pod korcem, ale na świeczniku, aby świeciło wszystkim".
The mission of the RonPaul.pl is to shed more light at the figure of the congressman from abroad, as well as his values, with which he persistently sticks from the decades ago. For it has been said: "Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house."


Poland is one of many countries outside the U.S. that, despite never having Paul on any ballots, have Ron Paul contingents. The main website, RonPaul.pl, includes information about Ron Paul's campaign, primary dates, even the current time in Texas, where Paul is from. The banner: "Kim jest Ron Paul?" ("Who is Ron Paul?")"

- an excerpt from the article (July 2012) on BuzzFeed: "Ron Paul Revolution follows Romney to Poland"


All RonPaul.pl team activities are voluntary and not paid by any source.

Działalność RonPaul.pl jest dobrowolna i nieopłacana z jakiegokolwiek źródła.


RonPaul.pl Main Timeline

Date Event Additional information
22 January 2008

The first Polish subtitles are added to American video with Ron Paul and uploaded to a newly created YouTube account "Riddickerr" entitled "A tribute to Ron Paul".

After four years and over 20k views the video was blocked by YouTube for containing Martin L. King speech and as a consequence removed in March 2012. Info

21 March 2008 The first post on a newly created blog "Revolution is now", which informed about Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential Campaign and where some of the first Polish translations of Ron Paul's columns were published.
30 August 2008 YouTube user, odDymarkow, uploads his first video material with Ron Paul and Polish subtitles.
9 October 2008 odDymarkow uploads his first Ron Paul video with embedded Polish subtitles and continues his work on freedom materials.
It was the time of the creation of the PTRP group on YouTube - "Polish Translators for Ron Paul", which first members were: Riddickerr (founder), odDymarkow and druid024.
11 May 2009 Riddickerr's subtitled video with Ron Paul speaking about swine flu appears on TVN24.pl - website of a Polish mainstream news station. It is also possible, that it appeared on a stationary television, as it was the time of intense political discussion on swine flu in Poland. The video has over 50k views on the YouTube itself.
9 October 2010 The RonPaul.pl website is created as a continuation of the "Revolution is now" blog.
29 January 2011 Publications of informations regarding incoming 2012 presidential elections. Soon after that, there were new members of RonPaul.pl coming. The most active new members at that time, during the 2012 presidential campaign, were: Konrad Domowicz, Stefan Grabowski and Chemik, who also produced a lot of subtitled videos. Many thanks goes to Krzysztof Lesiak, Łukasz Stefaniak, Krzysztof Maciaszek, Mikosis, BungaBunga, MW and Marosław.
4 January 2012 Subtitled video with U.S. soldier and early Ron Paul voter hits a record of views on Riddickerr's YouTube channel.
4 January 2012 Creation of a facebook account RonPaul.pl Many thanks to Jakub Szemetiłło and Konrad Domowicz.
7 January 2012 Konrad Domowicz publishes his interview with Karen Kwiatkowski.
12 January 2012 Konrad's subtitled video "Ron Paul was right - 2002" goes viral on the Polish internet.
1 February 2012 Stefan Grabowski's article "Ron Paul and Plan to Restore America" appears in "Equity Magazine".
6 July 2012 RonPaul.pl reader "Tomek" throws in an idea: "Maybe we should do a manifestation of support for Ron Paul in a place, where Romney will show up?"
17 July 2012 RonPaul.pl and its readers are one of the organisers of the "Romney event", that took place on 31 July 2012 in Warsaw, after the 30 July Gdansk event, conducted by "Congress of the New Right" political party. The Warsaw event was mainly organised by people from "Poland for Ron Paul".
"Poland for Ron Paul" is a facebook site created in January 2012, that operates separately from RonPaul.pl and RonPaul.pl facebook account.
30 July 2012 BuzzFeed mentions RonPaul.pl in the article "Ron Paul Revolution Follows Romney To Poland".
9 September 2012 Wojciech Mazurkiewicz (seeker) from libertarianin.org begins publishing on RonPaul.pl (translations of Ron Paul's columns and other).
15 September 2012
Riddickerr launches a new project: RonPaul.eu which awaits someone to manage it. Meanwhile it serves as an invitation for Ron Paul to come to Poland.


Above all,

all credit goes to RonPaul.pl readers and countless Polish Ron Paul supporters.

Without them it would be impossible to have this website being kept alive,

which makes it unique not only in Europe, but in entire world.